Ways Of Starting A Survival Fire

There are various ways that you can use to light up survival fire. You can soak cotton wool into petroleum jelly or in Purell. Soaking it into the later will give you twice the burn time, and it will be of great benefit to you since it will also act as a hand sanitizer. This is very easy to lite and will give you fire within a short time. You may also choose to dip matches in wax, but this wax can gum up the surface that you are going to use to strike your match. You may try to be innovative by using clear fingernail polish where you just paint the edges and let them dry.

One can also make use of cattails which are great EverStryke Pro fire starters and also nutritious. You can also dip pine cones in beeswax and these burn for longer compared to other fire starters. One can also use battery and steel wool as this makes a great fire starter. You can also use hand drill method to light fire. To start a hand drill, you need a piece of wood, your hands and a lot of determination. You should spindle the wood rotating it several times until you get a spark. You should have your tinder nest ready from a material that will catch fire easily.

You can use dry bark, grass, leaves among others. Once you cut a notch that has a shape of a V on your fire board, make a depression out of the notch. You should then place a bark under the notch so that it will catch an ember once you rotate the spindle on the fire board. Your spindle should be placed on the fire board and then rotate repeatedly until your bark catches fire from the friction. Once the ember catches fire, you need to tap the fire board to drop your ember on the piece of bark, and the bark transferred on to the tinder nest. This should be blown gently to start the flame and fire will light up.

You can make use of a bow drill to start a fire from the Ferro rod friction that will be built. This requires a socket too. The socket will be used to put pressure on the other end of the spindle once you rotate it on the then bow. The socket should be a stone or a harder piece of wood. Your bow should be long, and the string of the bow can be anything varying from shoe lace, rope or anything else.

Depression should be created on the fire board, and a spindle should be cut in a loop of the bowstring. Apply pressure on your socket and sway the bow back and forth to create an ember until you get some fire. To get more ideas on how to start a survival fire, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint .